"The best thing about my job is getting to work with inspiring, talented, passionate people on issues and stories that make the world a better place."

I’m a strategic communications and advocacy consultant who believes in the power of storytelling to effect positive social change. I'm passionate about helping INGOs, NGOs and for-purpose organisations to tell their stories authentically using a range of communications disciplines.


I'm post-graduate qualified, bilingual and have years of experience providing trusted strategic counsel to CEOs, high-profile spokespeople and global organisations. I've worked with a range of non-government organisations, nonprofits, start-ups and for-purpose businesses including the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF, World Vision, Children Out of Immigration Detention (ChilOut), the Australian campaign to End Child Detention, Beyond the Orphanage, Animals Australia and Humanitarian Advisory Group.

I actually started consulting in 2015 but then took some time off to do a few other things like backpack through Latin America, work in a couple of full-time roles, undertake post-graduate study, live in Brazil and Colombia - and eventually move to Indonesia, where I'm reconnecting with my roots (my Dad was born here!).

While I firmly believe that depth of experience outweighs academic qualifications, I hold a couple of them: I graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Strategic Public Relations and from Monash University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Journalism with First Class Honours where my research thesis focused on the negotiation of access for journalists in protracted humanitarian emergencies.


I work in English and Spanish, speak Indonesian conversationally and can order a coffee in three other languages - with varying degrees of success!

Reach me at collaborate@jackiehanafie.com


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